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Spalted Maple

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Spalted maple is similar to ambrosia maple in the sense that it is not a kind of maple tree itself. Instead, it originates from maple wood, but is created during the stages of decay. Essentially, it is created when standard maple wood is in the height of the decaying process. Once maple is in this stage, it is quickly dried. This stops the wood from decaying anymore. Although the wood hasn’t processed enough where it is fully decayed, it has decayed enough where at least a little bit of fungus has reached it. This creates the rustic natural pattern that makes spalted maple appear old.

In fact, this decayed part where fungus has begun to grow is called spalting, which is where the name spalted maple originates. Since it originates from maple wood, it has the same light to medium brown hued foundation that is overcast with a glistening honey color.

These design features create a traditional aesthetic, which makes spalted maple the perfect wood for anyone who wants to create a timeless appeal in their home. Since it is so effortlessly classic, this is the perfect wood for functioning pieces like cabinets and live edge countertops, or even statement pieces like a rocking chair. Even a maple slab table would look phenomenal in a home.

It should be noted that although spalted maple is essentially decayed a little, you shouldn’t worry about your wood being rotten or any less durable than any other type of wood. In fact, research has shown that the time where the decaying is stopped has no effect on the wood other than the fact that the fungus shifted the way the wood appears. In other words, spalted maple is just as durable and resilient as other kinds of wood, such as standard maple.

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