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Red Oak

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One of the most common types of wood currently on the market is red oak. While red oak has many reputable qualities, its popularity can mostly be contributed to the overall classical design that can be seemingly integrated into almost any space. This means that you have free range to use red oak in whatever project you choose, regardless of the theme or size.

Another reason why red oak wood slabs are extremely popular is the composition of the wood. Although red oak has a straight grain, it is usually coarse. This creates an uneven texture. When the uneven nature of red oak is paired with a live edge technique, it creates an effortlessly gorgeous rustic red oak slab that many homeowners strive for.

One of the best ways to utilize our red oak wood for sale is to create a table. A red oak live edge table looks perfect in a modern and rustic home because it adds a little bit of colorful appeal to an otherwise earthy and natural color scheme. Between the rough pattern created by the variously sized streaks and the rigid texture from the live edge technique, using red oak is perfect for creating a unique and organic design.

Aside from the aesthetic qualities of red oak, this type of wood is the perfect balance of durable and flexible. It’s just durable enough that you won’t have to worry about it crumbling during the building process or having to constantly repair it as it ages, but it’s still flexible enough that you can adjust it to adhere to your particular tastes. Also, it’s important to note that although it has a strong and potent color, you won’t have to worry about it staining or discoloring over time, which is a major plus.

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