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Our hackberry live edge wood planks come from hackberry trees, which are often regarded as being closely related to elm trees. This fact is particularly interesting because they barely resemble each other. In fact, hackberry wood planks mostly resemble ash wood planks for a variety of reasons, such as durability and design.

Much like ash, hackberry wood has a dense composition that makes it quite tough, durable, and flexible. This is great for building large items, such as shelters and bulky decorative furniture, because you don’t have to worry about rigorously maintaining hackberry wood like more common and less durable wood types. These qualities are also why hackberry wood slabs are used for a variety of projects, both big and small. Although this wood is very versatile, people commonly use it to construct their cabinets and tables.

Although hackberry wood has a simplistic modern base that is created from a light and cool-toned brown color that is usually found in wood, its overall design appeal is much different than ash because it has streaks of medium to dark brown that blend so effortlessly and create a whimsical feel. This makes hackberry a great option for people who want a minimalistic or sultry design aesthetic.

Although hackberry is very similar to ash, one of the biggest differences between the two woods is the price. Hackberry is usually a little bit cheaper. This makes it a great live edge wood option for people who like the design aesthetic and appeal of ash but can’t afford it.

For more information about our hackberry live edge wood slabs for sale, as well as any of our other products, give us a call today at (317) 448-6662!


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