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All of our firewood is hardwood, seasoned, and simply logs that we couldn’t process in our sawmill.



Whether you need some firewood to light up your fireplace or to fuel a bonfire for a barbeque, ours is some of the best in Indiana! At Hood Farms and Sawmill, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality products available that are locally grown. This is why all of our firewood is hardwood, seasoned, and simply logs that we couldn’t process in our sawmill.

Hardwood means it is a type of lumber that originates from a dicot tree, such as oak, maple, and chestnut. Contrary to trees with softwood, hardwood trees are generally thicker, harder, and have a more diversified and complex composition. This means that hardwoods are usually denser, more substantial, and even more durable than softwood trees. Obviously, this is a great asset for firewood because you will be able to burn a lighter, brighter, and more prevalent flame with hardwood.

Seasoned in the sense of firewood doesn’t mean it’s old or spicy. It actually means that it is dry. While firewood can be unseasoned, it’s better for it to be seasoned. This is because it’s easier to ignite and control a flame with seasoned wood than it is with unseasoned wood. All of our firewood is seasoned because we utilize a kiln drying process in which we control the environment that our wood is dried in. This drying process enables us to dry our wood to capacity and make sure that it has the maximum amount of quality possible. Also, you won’t have to worry about your firewood being infested with bugs because we exterminate any bugs or insects during our kiln drying process.

We can help you regardless of the amount of firewood you need or the occasion you’re going to use it for. For more information about our firewood for sale in Indiana, or any of our other products, call us at (317) 448-6662 today!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vicki Riggs

    Not only great firewood but delivered when he said he would. Friendly and great service.

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