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Ambrosia Maple

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Ambrosia maple comes from soft maple, which is prevalent in the central and eastern United States. Although usually referred to as ambrosia maple, this kind of wood is also called ghost maple for its unique appearance. In addition to ambrosia maple’s gorgeous natural wooden hue often found in most types of lumber, it also features light to dark greyish accents that make it appear as though there are ghostlike designs across the wood. These greyish accents come from fungus left by ambrosia beetles, and ultimately contribute to the overall unique design element that essentially sets ambrosia maple boards apart from other ambrosia wood.

Don’t worry about finding any straggling ambrosia beetles on your ambrosia live edge wood slabs because we use a completely customizable and controlled drying process known as kiln drying. Since kiln drying allows us to have full control of the drying environment and outcome, we ensure that any bugs and insects are eliminated. Therefore, we can focus on accentuating a live edge slab that captures the beauty and uniqueness of the tree it came from.

Between the natural artistic qualities from the ghostlike streaks, and the rawness from the live edge kiln drying process, ambrosia maple boards can be used for a variety of projects, such as tabletops. An ambrosia maple countertop would also be a phenomenal option because it gives you an inspirational and secure place to do a variety of tasks, such as craft or prepare food. Ambrosia maple is truly the perfect wood for those who want to add a modern, yet subtly rustic, design aesthetic to their home.

Whether you’re planning to utilize it for a functional space, such as a countertop, or for more of a statement piece, such as a coffee table, contact us today at (317) 448-6662 for more information on our ambrosia maple live edge wood slabs for sale!


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